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Do you adequately gather enough information about the task in hand to see the big picture? Are you always fully aware of your surroundings and any potential threats? Is your perception and interpretation the same as that of your colleagues? Can you effectively project the implications of what is happening within your environment into the future? Do you tend to identify threats and errors before they have an impact? Or are you constantly ‘fire fighting’ in the aftermath? Your situational awareness is key to how you interact within your environment. When your situational awareness is high, your workload will be more manageable, communication will be well executed and your performance and efficiency enhanced. Our Situational Awareness and Resilience module looks at how we can manage our environment through perception, comprehension and projection. We share with you how pilots deal with the unexpected without being distracted from the safe operation of the aircraft. We discuss your work environment and suggest techniques to enhance your situational awareness, the criticality of sharing mental models and communicating to avoid any ambiguity in your operation. We also share how we can overcome events that startle and surprise us by building operational resilience to make you and your colleagues less susceptible to setbacks. Highlights of this module include: - The importance of sharing mental models with the use of effective communication. - Building resilience to overcome the startle and surprise associated with unexpected and unforeseen events. - Providing you with a range of tools to enhance your situational awareness and in turn making you operationally safer and more efficient within your environment. This module helps us explore how we can all better understand the high pressure environments we are working in, and prepare ourselves for unforeseen challenges and setbacks as and when they occur.

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