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meet the team


captain paul robson 

Airbus A320 Captain BEng (Hons) CRMI 

J - profile pic2020_B&W.jpg

senior first officer james hunter

Airbus A320 Senior First Officer BSc (Hons) 

Paul and James have amassed over 14,000 hours between them in over 30 years of flying worldwide. With experience across both Boeing and Airbus fleets, they have each faced challenging conditions whilst flying in some of the world's busiest airspace to almost 200 destinations. Both Paul and James began their aviation careers studying for degrees in aviation and engineering before embarking on commercial flight training at one of the worlds most renowned flight training schools in New Zealand.

Think Like A Pilot was founded in mid 2020 to share Paul and James' Human Factors skills, training and experience with industries outside of aviation who are keen to enhance their levels of safety, efficiency and performance.

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