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Do you struggle to prioritise when the pressure is mounting? Do you manage to recognise a degradation of performance in yourself and others when your mental workload is suddenly increased? Do you notice your awareness and communication faltering when things get tough? Do you have the necessary tools at your disposal when the workload becomes just too much? If any of the above resonated with you, then it is likely your situational awareness and overall performance has been impacted due to your perceived workload. Here at Think Like A Pilot we’re used to managing our workload effectively, multi-tasking and communicating with many parties at the same time. None of it happens by accident, we have many proven methodologies and we’re ready to share to our practices and processes outside the flightdeck to help you and your organisation become a much safer, more efficient high performing environment. Human beings all have a limited mental capacity to process information. Cognitive Workload Management explores how as pilots we cope with the vast amounts of information presented to us, and what we can all do to manage similar cognitive workloads. We discuss strategies to cope with periods of high workload and ultimately improve our safety, efficiency and performance. Highlights of this module include: - How we can help you ‘stay ahead of the aircraft’. - Recognition of our human limitations and the ability to recognise those of our colleagues. - Providing a wide array of workload management tools to enable you to logically prioritise and delegate in a high pressure environment to avoid a compromise in performance. This module is for anyone who deals with large amounts of information from a number of sources, and is therefore vulnerable to a degradation in their performance when feeling overwhelmed.

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