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Do you sometimes struggle to get your message across? Does key information get lost or diluted when communicating critical information? Are errors emerging as a result of poor communication within the workplace? Or do you simply find there is just too much peripheral communication during complex operations or times of high workload? If you answered yes to any of the above, then there's a good chance safety may have been compromised and efficiency diminished, thus having a negative impact on overall performance. Sometimes the success of a task is on a knife-edge, the stakes are high and that’s when the clarity of our communication is at its most vital. Communication is the cornerstone upon which all our human factors skills are built, but can be easily taken for granted. Teams and crews utilising concise communication make fewer errors, make more informed decisions, have enhanced situational awareness, better workload management, more easily overcome adversity and ultimately enjoy greater success. Our communication module explores different methods and styles of communication to achieve this success and synergy. Here at Think Like A Pilot we listen (like all good communicators should) and analyse exactly how communication flows between colleagues within your organisation. We identify any points of weakness and look to address them with some of the practices and processes that have been consistently proven to minimise threats and errors developing within the world of aviation. From there, we look to see how these tools can be exercised to seriously reduce errors attributed to communication and help your team reach its true performance potential. Highlights of this module include: - How to maintain focus in a team during times of high workload. - The importance of sharing mental models by briefing and de-briefing complex tasks. - Sharing with you a tool that can help you transmit information with clarity by making your messages concise and succinct. - Overcoming barriers to communication including consideration of new work practices post pandemic. This module is for anyone who values communication as the glue that intrinsically binds all of our human factors skills to drive performance and success.

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