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Two Day Overview Module

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How can we become better leaders and role models for our leaders of the future? Are errors emerging as a result of poor communication within the workplace? Do you or your team lose valuable time bogged down in big decisions without an efficient strategy for a thoroughly considered outcome? Do you have an effective strategy to identify threats and errors in the workplace and minimise their impact? Do you manage to recognise a degradation of performance in yourself and others when your mental workload is suddenly increased? Are you always fully aware of your environment and can you effectively project the implication of what is happening into the future? In our Human Factors Comprehensive Course we work through the real core of our practices and processes, combining all six of our half day modules into an easy to digest two day course. The course includes a condensed format of proven methodologies of Human Factors skills from the flightdeck, facilitated group discussion, interactive case studies and varied multimedia. We take time to explore how these skills and tools can help you and your organisation Think Like A Pilot and directly enhance safety, efficiency and performance.

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