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What defines a leader? Is leadership earned or assigned? How can we become better leaders and role models for our leaders of the future? What threats exist to our team's synergy and how can we mitigate against them? During our Think Like A Pilot Leadership and Teamwork module you can expect us to become one of your team for the day. We openly and honestly discuss team dynamics, leadership skills and theory and how we can become better leaders by considering the needs of the team as we pull towards our common goal. Our Leadership and Teamwork module explores different leadership styles, their strengths and weaknesses and how using our human factors skills we can quickly and effectively build strong, resilient and safe teams. Highlights of this module include: - Using effective communication to overcome our individual and collective vulnerabilities. - Empowering team members whilst respecting authority and hierarchy. - The importance of self-awareness, empathy and emotional intelligence in leadership to ensure our team is maximising its true performance potential. This module is aimed at anyone who works in a team environment and enables them to learn how to lead, be led effectively and inspire our leaders of the future.

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