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Do you regularly face complex problems in the workplace? Do you or your team get bogged down in big decisions without an efficient strategy for a thoroughly considered outcome? Or do the smaller, less significant but recurring problems and decisions constantly chip away at your valuable time? Maybe you struggle to diagnose problems thoroughly enough to make decisions? Or you struggle to generate the options upon which you can make your decisions? If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help. We'll open discussion with you and your team and analyse the specific problems and decisions you regularly experience. We then take the time to identify exactly where the stumbling blocks and weaknesses lie. We reflect on our findings as a group and provide you with proven strategies and structures to address the problems you face with definitive decision-making techniques to make you significantly more efficient. Our Problem Solving and Decision-Making module shares with you some of the tools we use as pilots to solve the complex and dynamic issues we face on a daily basis. Highlights of this module include: - Quick Decision-Making aids and tools. - The importance of thorough problem diagnosis. - Generating options without bias. - Sharing with you a structured decision making tool that can be applied in a wide range of circumstances and scenarios. This module is ideal for anyone operating in a highly pressurised environment and regularly facing complex problems and difficult decisions in the workplace.

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