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Can you easily identify the threats to your operation? Can you pin point the exact moment at which you would be at your most vulnerable? Do you have a strategy to mitigate this? Have you mentally prepared for outcomes outside of your control to minimise the debilitating startle and surprise? Do you know where errors are regularly made? How can we strategically avoid errors or take action to minimise their impact on safety, efficiency and performance? In order to successfully identify threats to our safety, efficiency and performance we need to be unequivocally honest about our vulnerabilities, not only from a personal viewpoint but also from a team, system and environment perspective. We are all human and all humans make errors. Our Threat and Error Management module shows how as pilots we have developed strategies to identify threats and reduce human errors occurring. We discuss how we effectively deal with those threats and errors that do occur, so they do not disrupt our operation or impact upon safety. We take time during this module for open and honest discussion, to identify exactly where threats and errors are likely to arise in your workplace. We then consider how we can strategically deploy proven mitigation techniques to make your operation a safer, more resilient high performing environment. Highlights of this module include: - Facing our fears – How as pilots we develop robust and resilient strategies to deal with highly pressurised situations. - Exploring how we can effectively anticipate and mitigate expected threats and develop coping strategies for unexpected threats, in order to best prepare ourselves for any scenario. - Introducing the concept of a Just Culture to openly and honestly discuss vulnerabilities, collectively learning from both positive and negative events in the workplace and wider industry. This module explores how we can significantly reduce the frequency of errors, stop those that do occur, and effectively deal with any issues that result.

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